Thank you!

I would like to express my gratitude for your confidence and to allow Armor Tech to deliver protective and decorative items and at the same time tell you a little about what to consider when mounting and using the product. Please see instruction video on!

It is of utmost importance that the surface where you will mount your foil is completely clean. We must point out how important this is to make the end result the best possible. Work in an as dust-free environment as possible, since the least dust particles that come between the foil and the surface the better. Please follow the instructions carefully for best results.

Clean your area where to fit, add a few drops of hand wash detergent to a glass of water, wetten the surface with the mix, wetten your finger tips on the fingers you choose to peel off black foil from paper so you can touch the sticky surface. Put sticker on the surface where you want it, adjust the foil so it becomes desired position, push away air bubbles from center out towards the edges, let dry for at least 15 minutes, remove paper tape (if present) covering the opens parts of the sticker.

The foil is not an all out protection for your vehicle. The foil is used, by virtue of its thickness, to minimize risk of unnecessary scratches. Blows with blunt objects usually cause no damage to the foil, but sharp metal buckles on your shoes or clothes can cut through the foil and cause damage to surface below. You should see your foil as a limited protection against scratches.

When washing your vehicle, do not aim high pressure wash jet to the decal, especially to its outer edges or decorative openings. Do not rub a sponge on the foil edges, try to work from the decal center outwards. Also, do not use strong detergents.

Kind regards
Henning Svedberg