Pannier & top box protectors "BMW" Non LC GS/GSA

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Tax included. lid covers.
Sold in pairs!

Fits if you got a GS no later than 2013 or a GSA no later than 2014.
If in doubt, look for riveted plates on lid tops. If you do have them, this is your piece.
Note my images are mixed years. If you got riveted metal plates, this model is for you!

Gives a cooler look and reduces risk of scratches. 
Protective film for BMW R 1200 GS / F 800 GS or GSA Adventure aluminum cases / panniers and top box. May spell R1200GS, R1200GSA, F800GS, F800GSA or Adventure.

Looks - You hide your scratches already there or, even better, minimize the risk of getting ones on you current unscratched pannier lid.

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Easy to appy - Easy to mount with a drop of detergent in water. Loads of videos on YouTube describes the way to apply.

Getting on and off your bike - When you got your lid covers on, your mud stained shoe will not make scratches on your lid and the vinyl is pretty withstanding. If vinyl gets scratched. Get a new set of lid covers. MUCH cheaper than a pannier lid.

Selling - When selling your bike, scratches on your lids are way more likely to reduce what you get. Definitely more than what these lid covers will cost you! 

Made of flat black 110 micron adhesive vinyl.  

Gives the bike a very nice touch when applied. VERY appreciated by customers.

TEXT PART "R 1200 GSA" on pannier side is NOT included.