Carbon K 1600 & R 1200 / 1250 RT pannier front protection

Regular price $34.00

Tax included. pannier front cover.
Kit includes one pannier protector.

Fits BMW K 1600 GT & GTL AND R 1200 / 1250 RT

Gives a much cooler look and reduces risk of scratches. 

Looks - You hide your scratches already there or, even better, minimize the risk of getting ones on you current unscratched pannier lid.

Easy to apply - Easy to mount with a drop of detergent in water. Loads of videos on YouTube describes the way to apply.

Getting on and off your bike - When you got your box cover on, your shoe will not make scratches and the vinyl is pretty withstanding. If vinyl gets scratched. Get a new set of lid covers. MUCH cheaper than a box front.

Selling - When selling your bike, scratches on your lids are way more likely to reduce what you get. Definitely more than what these lid covers will cost you! 

Made of carbon looks adhesive vinyl.  

Gives the bike a very nice touch when applied. VERY appreciated by customers.